Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Track 10 "This Is Just A Test" - 'One Way' Album Preview

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The idea here was to create something that rocked as hard as a Rolling Stones song, with big guitar chords, but on piano. I think "Gimme Shelter" was a big influence at the time, and certainly you can hear "Sympathy for the Devil" in the intro. But this is the oldest song idea of mine to make it on the record, and the intention was to make it a big fat jam - Freebird style. Not surprisingly it's become our hardest rocking song live. And lyrically, this song is the most different on the record -- it's not about introspection and growth -- it's about wanting a girl, pure and simple.

Music and Lyrics, Horn Arrangements by Danny Ross
Written in Long Island, NY 2002 (Age 17)
Inspired by: Rolling Stones
Produced by Rob Guariglia and Danny Ross
Recorded Spring 2008 at Galuminum Foil Productions;
Engineered by Jeff Berner

Danny Ross – Vocal, Piano
Carl Basler – Electric Guitars
Fred Kennedy - Drums, Percussion
Matt Wigton - Bass
Mike Maher - Trumpet
Evan Smith- Tenor Sax
Paul Nedzela - Bari Sax
Dave Melton - Organ


This is just a test

Damn I’m failin’ it

You’ve got my head in a mess

Feel like bailin’ this

And when I’m sitting to rest

You wink and blow me a kiss

This is just a waste

Still I’ve got to say

I’m obsessin’ on the dress you’re in

When you walk away

I want to be in your head

At the end of the day

I’m losing my nerve for you

Cause I’ve been chokin’ from the smoke

That you wear like perfume

And now the dance floor’s shakin’

But I’m not playing the fool

Ready get set and go

You wanted a show

You’ve got me sweatin’ and stoned

Now I’m out of control

And I won’t take no

Take my hand tonight

I’m takin’ you home

Give me what I crave

In your wicked tricks

You got a hold a’ me like a hypnotist

And it’s got me pissed

Just how much you know it

So I suck in for air

I run and duck from your tease

But you seeped in my system

Like some kind of disease

Papa never taught me

These kinds of birds and bees

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