Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saturday 8pm @ Rockwood Stage 2 // Duet with David Bowie

Hey folks,

What the hell. Why is everyone getting sick this time of year. And by everyone I mean me. I know what you're thinking: "But Danny, you're like Superman, or more like that nerdy jewish guy in the Green Hornet. You should be healthy as a clam." Now folks, I don't claim to know the immune systems of most shell fish - only Rocky Mountain Oysters (props midwesterners!). But I do know three things: 1) How to write three bitchin new songs for the Saturday Night Band and 2) How to put on a rock n roll show to make you drop out of law school and wish you never heard of tort reform. Just don't join the mob.

Danny Ross and Band Wreck Rockwood Stage 2
Saturday January 22, 8pm Sharp
@ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 196 Allen St at Houston St - LES
Rsvp now at FB Event Page

Thankfully I'm back to full health so we'll be back back in Cali Cali. See you for our debut gig at this beautiful new masterpiece venue the Rockwood folks put together. And what's that? The third thing I know? Karate. I have a white belt in karate.

- D

PS - I know Rex is keeping his mouth shut for those reverent classy Steelers, but I have no such hesitation. Those yellow towels really are terrible, hardly absorb anything. Try Bounty, the quilted quicker picker-upper... Nailed em, go Jets!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Heaven // Saturday Jan 22nd 8pm, Rockwood Stage 2

Hey folks,

Happy new year old friends and fellow foot-soldiers of the Ross Revolution. Since we last spoke in December, I played backgammon with Mike Bloomberg as Brooklyn was irrevocably destroyed by blizzard, directed a foot fetish video with Rex Ryan's wife, and wept with John Boehner as he took this oversized mallet. (Insert "Compensating much?" joke here)

Oh, and you scrappy mothers raised an army of 800 unique voters to name us Deli Magazine's Artist of the Month and be on their year-end list of top NYC bands. Thank you guys and dolls, you'll see below we'll need you even more in 2011 to achieve Pinky and The Brain-style world domination. In the meantime, our famous Saturday night Band opens the year with a huge debut gig at everyone's favorite new venue featuring world premiere songs. And it's free homie gee!

Danny Ross and Band Wreck Rockwood Stage 2
Saturday January 22, 8pm Sharp
@ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
196 Allen St at Houston St
FREE! Rsvp now at FB Event Page

What will 2011 bring? To start, our first gigs in Boston (Save the Date! Middle East 2/13), Philly and DC, the SXSW Music Festival, a new album and more TV in the pike, and Producing/ Arranging for my favorite NYC artists. And if you like The Beatles (Hi, I'm Earth) and you like ukulele, come see me open for Ben Kweller and Nellie McKay @ Brooklyn Bowl this Saturday night 1/15 8pm. Here's a cut we made of "Baby's in Black" a few months back. Catch ya later, crocodile.

- D

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