Monday, June 11, 2007

The First Post

It's 2:30 on a Sunday night and I find myself watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air on TV land. That dang Carlton. This after watching The Sopranos finale and a documentary on insomnia (Why am I fascinated with sleep?). Now I've flipped to the Ovation channel to see George Clinton and Funkadelic in concert. Overall a pretty successful night of television…

Let’s see, what else… Oh I got a bill in the mail today. Pretty standard bill. Cable. Got a cable bill… Oh yes, and Chinese food for dinner. Shrimp with mixed vegetables. I really like those baby corns. They get too much flack those baby corns. You’ve got to admit, they’re pretty adorable…. Tell me you’re not still reading this.

Writing a blog is a fine line. Do I write about every pedestrian toothbrushing and my regular laundry cycle? Do I wax philosophy and discuss the meaning behind my art? Or do I give you snotty recommendations of music and film, belittling your opinions because you live above 14th street. Well the answer is a winning combination of all those things.

But generally I'm just getting psyched for the June 30th Record Release Show in NYC. I’ve been rehearsing with the band out in Brooklyn, working the phones to generate some press {Check out the latest articles in the Press Room) and writing crappy blogs online to get people psyched. Oops. This is our first show as a band and the release of my first album, Introducing Danny Ross!, so it’s a pretty big event... I’m not nervous or anything. The show is on Saturday June 30th, 8PM at The Bitter End in Manhattan’s West Village. Anyone who’s anyone will be there. No pressure.

As far as music, I’ve been listening to the new albums by Wilco, Peter, Bjorn & John, Paul McCartney and the Elvis Costello reissued catalogue, especially Almost Blue and Trust! And of course I’ve been prepping up for the new Ryan Adams album.

Happy listening and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (especially when it comes to Chinese food.)

Probably your best friend,
Danny Ross