Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sat Jan 30, 8pm @ Living Room - Lookin Like A Foo With Yo Pants On The Ground

Hello friends,

Happy 2010. Hope you're doing better than the San Diego Chargers this week (J-E-T-S!). Although personally I'm rooting for Team CoCo.

The band and I got a king-size FREE show coming up in about 10 days at NYC's famous Living Room and we think you should come. Not only to hear our six-piece, first-class stab at rock n roll and the world premiere of a new song, but of course to partake in our first-ever Bitchin Pics & Vids Contest where you'll snap smokin hot pictures and videos on your iphones, digital cameras and such and post them on your Facebook (tagging me), and I'll shoot a Top Secret Prize your way ($100,000). Check it...

Danny Ross and Band @ The Living Room
Saturday January 30, 8:00PM
@ 154 Ludlow Street, F Train to 2nd Ave

And a special thanks to the folks at Local Correspondents and Bar4 for raising a whole bunch of money for Haiti last night in a Benefit Concert they let me be a part of. Rock on Raggae Woman, catch you on the flip!

- D

“Danny Ross is a classicist to the core…Gorgeous…Immaculately arranged… I hope "One Way" becomes a breakaway hit. Like Ryan Adams, Ross realizes that there's no point in recreating the past note-for-note when it's more fun to smash pieces of the past together in a collage.” - CMJ

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