Thursday, June 9, 2011

Snap! Saturday 11pm @ Mercury Lounge with Horns // Press

Hey Folks,

This is your official reminder that A) I literally don't know how to send pictures on Twitter -- btw I work for a different NY Congressman, and B) The 9-piece band and horns are back for our monster show of the summer. We only do this big rock gig every few months so dust off the platinum suits and keyboard ties, round up your entourage by Reposting the Facebook Event Page, bedazzle your pretty girlfriends and get ready to daance Saturday night. Our video feature in Daily Brink! and all the new press is after the jump (I always wanted to say that).

Danny Ross & the Saturday Night Band Headline Mercury Lounge
Saturday June 11, 11pm Sharp (w/ besties Mercury Landing at 12)
@ Mercury Lounge, 217 E Houston St at Essex
**If we sell out, we play Bowery Ballroom so please get tix now on our Ticketmaster Page!
  • "The 60s are making a comeback, and singer/songwriter Danny Ross' unique voice and style would have made John Lennon proud. A New York-based musician with a sound proportionate to his city’s size. What strikes us most about Ross is not that his songs have been featured on various television shows, but that his lighthearted sense of humor and kind determination are drawing as much attention as his talent." - The Daily Br!nk (With exclusive acoustic video of "Faultlines")
  • "Melding lyrical nakedness with ambitious arrangements and pure imagination, Danny Ross builds a sound that’s completely his own – and yet awfully familiar." - Best New Bands
  • "We asked our fellow young creative Brooklynites to spill the beans about how they're trying to make their dreams come true and where they think their lives will lead." - Overflow Magazine
Oh and our original musical staged last week was a big hit on Broadway, at least according to my parents. As always, your work as a footsoldier in the Ross Revolution does not go unnoticed. Atten-hut!

- D