Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Boss Time. "Jersey Shore" Tuesday 9pm @ Pianos - Summer Finale

Hey folks,

Oh hell. It's the moment we've all been waiting for. The senate passed a climate change bill? Well, no. Figured out exactly what went down in Inception? Yeah me neither. Ace of Base reunion tour? You're thinking of that Lady Gaga song, but you knock on wood right now for those Swedish godsends to return.

What time is it? It's Boss Time, son. Featured in Deli Mag NYC, the Danny Ross Pianos Residency makes its last stop Tuesday night on E Street for a Jersey Shore themed night full of hot abs, saltwater taffy and a whole lot of Bruce, along with our original rock n roll repertoire. It's the band's last gig of the summer so don't miss a second of it you beautiful man. Dressing up is encouraged, cause I'll be looking like this.

Danny Ross and Band Pianos Residency Finale: Jersey Shore
Tuesday July 27 - 9pm sharp
@ Pianos, 158 Ludlow St at Stanton/ F Train to 2nd Ave
With friends Sasha Papernik at 7pm and Luke Wesley at 8pm
Facebook Event Page

Note the time change to 9pm - we start Brucing 9 on the dot so don't be a late Snookie. And remember, bring 3 friends and I'll buy you a whiskey. Further jokes about garbage dumps, the New York Giants and decrepit casino-towns to be expected. See ya at the situation...

- D

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Residency You Reckon? "Nashville Skyline" - Tues 8pm @ Pianos

Why howdy folks,

Sure is nice to share another post with y'all. I reckon you weren't too heated by this putrid humidity. Then again, you liberal yanks are used to a bunch of hot air. Zing! Featured in Deli Mag NYC, our 5-piece combo is swinging by the big city to provide you with the highest quality entertainment this Tuesday night at 8pm for our Pianos Residency. With a "Nashville Skyline" theme, covers of Bob Dylan and Steve Earle, and my newest set of chaps, why, it's sure to be better than a monkey at the rodeo.

Danny Ross and Band July Residency Night 2 @ Pianos
Tuesday July 20 - 8pm sharp
@ Pianos, 158 Ludlow St at Stanton/ F Train to 2nd Ave
With our friends The Lesser Ghost at 7pm
Facebook Event Page

And remember....
1) Bring 3 friends and I'll buy you a whiskey 2) Come to all 3 shows and you'll get the official DR Groupie Package with a free Bar Mitzvah Shirt, the new album One Way and a personalized love note 3) Our big finale next Tuesday July 27 is "Jersey Shore" with covers of Bruce, so tan up and start hitting the gym bro. See ya at the hootenanny.

- D