Friday, December 3, 2010

A Reasoned Case for Arriving Late at Your Holiday Party to See Saturday's Big Show

1. Show's at 9. You can probably still get there at 10:30, which is a pretty standard arrival time for a party in New York. They'll still have latkes, though applesauce is questionable.

2. This one''s gonna be really really good. This ain't no disco. 9 piece Rock n roll band and horn section. We only only do it once in a blue moon and playing brand new songs for you regulars. And we even rehearsed!

3. All thanks to you, we just won NYC Deli Magazine Artist of the Month. Check it:

4. Mercury Lounge Saturday Night Headline is always a very big deal. We don't want to go back to playing strip clubs in Jersey.

Holiday Explosion with the Danny Ross Orchestra
Saturday December 4, 9pm Sharp
@ Mercury Lounge, 217 Houston at Essex St./ F Train to 2nd Ave

I was never on the Debate Team, but I have to admit that these points would destroy in the Contemporaneous category. Thanks again folks and Happy Holidays.