Friday, September 24, 2010

Info for Saturday @ Mercury Lounge; New Press!

Hey folks,

How are you? If you still haven't made up your mind about coming out to Saturday's big show with our famous 9-piece band and horn section, perhaps Katy Perry's 'bust' on Seasame Street or these UN Protesters will steer you clear of the city night and lead you to the warm shelter of friends, booze and rock n roll. Ah, New York...

If you bought tickets online, please don't forget to shout "DANNY ROSS!" at the door - the elderly woman is hard of hearing, poor thing. And today is the last chance to buy tickets online, I can't make any guarantees about getting in tomorrow so be safe and head now to our shmancy page at Ticketmaster.

Danny Ross and Band Headlining Mercury Lounge

Saturday September 25th - 11pm Sharp (on the dot!)
With alt-country stars The Ramblers at 12
@ 217 East Houston Street at Essex
Facebook Event Page

And, as many of you know, we just started a Gangsta Street Team, let me know if you want in. For example, I could use some help collecting emails at the show tomorrow from some attractive co-eds. (By my lawyers request, that was not innuendo. This an Equal Opportunity position) Thanks and here's some new press!
  • "Ross' ambitious masterstroke One Way is a collection of gorgeous compositions…and set Ross on a path that led him from the St. Mark’s Church to the Living Room to SXSW to Rockwood Music Hall to Pianos, where he was granted a residency… And on Saturday night, he headlines a show at NYC’s prestigious Mercury Lounge, by a long shot the biggest one. Ross is now fully drenched in music accolades ..." - Read Kurt Orzeck's Feature now at The Bad Penny.

  • "After listening to the complexities of One Way, the vibrant imagery, the grand story arc...Ross has an impressive encyclopedic knowledge and appreciation fueling his writing. Perhaps that is the reason he was able to successfully take on such a monumental project on his first attempt." - Read Allen Foster's Feature now (p18) in Songwriter's Monthly

- D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aww Yeah. Headlining NYC's Mercury Lounge Sat 9/25, 11pm

Hey folks,

Well, it's the one we've all been waiting for (and I'm not talking about the Jets season apparently, or Lady Gaga's meat dress): It's a headlining Saturday night slot at NYC's legendary Mercury Lounge! Joined by a 9-piece Band and Horn Section with brand new songs, it's by far the biggest show we've ever played. I mean, damn.

If you remember it took 9 long months to get a lousy Tuesday slot there, but in a miraculous call to action you sold out the dang place. Now, once again, like a bad Eminem song, we've got one shot to prove we're headliners. You've trudged through 100 gigs (and cat tv gameshow) over the last few years to lead us here. Ladies and Gents, once again I'm asking for your help. Let's show em that Bowery Ballroom is next and ratchet up 100 rsvps on the handsome facebook page, or it's back to bar mitzvahs on Staten Island.

Danny Ross and Band Literally Destroying The Mercury Lounge
Saturday September 25th - 11:00pm Sharp
With our besties, alt-country stars The Ramblers at 12
@ 217 East Houston Street at Essex
** This show will likely sell out, please be safe and buy tickets now at the, gulp, Official Danny Ross Ticketmaster Page**

And tell you what, bring 3 friends I'll buy you a whiskey - that's the kind of guy I am. And check out this new review of us in American Songwriter Magazine in newsstands now: "Ross’ sophomore effort One Way, with its particular mix of horn-driven rave-ups sprinkled with steel-driven country ballads showcases ambitious arrangements, eclectic songwriting and overall technical mastery." Adios muchachos!

- D