Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday 11pm - Headlining Mercury Lounge for Live Album Recording [in 3D]

Hey folks,

I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you here. I'm a little sleepy. You're right, I celebrated National Pancake Week with a little too much gusto this year, and it didn't help that I was simultaneously engineering the Carmelo Anthony trade. But what I'm truly exhausted from is preparing the most stimulating night of sight and sound since Rick Moranis wowed America with "Suddenly Seymour."

That's right, we're recording a live album Saturday night at NYC's legendary Mercury Lounge with the nine-piece band and horns! Look for Steven Segal on bass. And I'm asking the audience to record the music video on your cell phones and Flip Cams. Hear yourself "Woooo" in real time audio...

Danny Ross and the Saturday Night Band Live Album Recording @ Mercury Lounge!
Saturday February 26, 11pm Sharp// Followed by high school bandmates Mercury Landing~
@ Mercury Lounge, 217 Houston St at Essex NYC
* This show will likely sell out, please get Advanced Tickets Here.

We want this record to be on par with 1986's ABBA Live. So, as I've been telling friends, I hate to ask for the help but it's a huge show (and album) for me and it would mean the world if you could help pack the place by bringing a few close BFFs. You can click "Select Guests to Invite" on the left or 'Share' on top of our Shmancy FB Event Page. Thanks again guys, see you at the spot.

- D

PS - And thanks Boston for packing the Middle East last week, snarky videos to come. Because of you we'll be headlining a Saturday night in the very near future. DC and Philly, you're next. MUHAHAHA

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do You uhh Have Friends in uhh Boston? // Live Album Show Sat Feb 26 at Mercury Lounge!

Hey folks,

How's stuff and things? First off, we're playing our Boston debut this Sunday night 8pm at the famous Middle East. To prepare, I'm dusting off my copy of With Honors and priceless footage of Boston Terriers. I should also hide my "Patriots and Red Sox are Inferior Teams" coffee mug. Yikes.

Do you have a few close friends in beantown? It's our first out-of-town show ever at a major venue and I only know a handful of folks out there. I hate to ask for your help and want to thank you in advance, but would you mind quickly forwarding this email or inviting them via our FB Event Page?

And secondly, we're capping off the winter with our BIGGEST NYC SHOW EVER. In fact, it's so big we're recording it for a live album to be released this summer, and I want you to bring your mobile devices and Flip Cams to shoot the video for us. The full band and horns, new songs, all the hits and the Rockettes? This show will sell out so please get Advanced Tickets Here.

Danny Ross and the Saturday Night Band Live Album Show @ Mercury Lounge!
Saturday February 26, 11pm Sharp
@ Mercury Lounge, 217 Houston St at Essex // Followed by old friends Mercury Landing

Thanks, and hit me back with a good opening line for the Boston crowd. Winner gets my hancock on a printer read-out of the Declaration of Independence (and a free shirt). All the best.

- D

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