Monday, July 16, 2007

Baked Brie, Harry Potter, Fights with Shirtless Bicyclists…

I’ve been sort of taking it easy the last two weeks. You know, eating lots of white chocolate, watching Scrubs, listening to Monster Ballads, playing Uno. The usual. In reflection, there’s lots to look back on. For one, I finally bought the That Thing You Do! DVD Deluxe Edition. But also since June 30th I’ve had my record release show (our band’s first show), my 23rd birthday, July 4th and the midnight showing of Harry Potter. You can imagine how stressful this all is for me.

Let’s see ,what else ….Racket ball. Never played it but I hear wonderful things…I went out to the Astoria Beer Gardens on Saturday. That was awesome. I also went to a few parties. It’s always a bit strange when you only know 2 or 3 people and you have to resort to quietly making fun of others in the corner, or starting drunken political fights with complete strangers and then trying to convince them to see your band (a Ross family pastime). However at one such party, a baked brie with raspberry drizzle was presented, which always makes the 40 minute trip worthwhile.

So I was recently crossed by a shirtless bicyclist on the street. I was walking casually along the crosswalk with my lunch, humming Marvin Gaye’s “Sensual Feeling,” eager as always to scarf down my custom-made spinach salad when I saw this shirtless bicyclist approaching. And so I did the classic juke-right, ensuring that I’d walk behind him as his vehicle passed. Well he stopped dead in his tracks in front of me. “The cross walk is over there.” he uttered softly. I smiled and continued on. “RIGHT? ISN’T THAT RIGHT?” he shouted. In shock I turned around and there he was, the sweaty shirtless bicyclist giving me the look of death. And so daringly, I reciprocated. Squinting my boldest squint, my brow furrowed, I shot back my trademarked “I hate you” face. It was a moment frozen in time, like when Harry met his fate with Lord Voldemort.. From this day forward, I renounce anyone that rides a bicycle (mainly because I never finished learning. That’s right, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle-deal with it). I also continue to call for the demise of shirtless men in public. See my June ‘96 blog for the official decree.

But what a few weeks it’s been. If you were at the show on June 30th, you saw that crowd of 100+ people squeeze into The Bitter End. It was truly a special night for me and the rest of the band, so thanks again to those who came and supported us. After the show we all literally walked down in a huddled mass to my apartment for the after-party, like Moses leading the Exodus. You can imagine how it went from there (We got drunk.) Even if it took me 20 minutes to hang up the banner, it was a definite success, standing ovation and all. Now we’re getting set for our next show @ Pianos on Sat July 28th.

Since we last spoke I picked up new records by Ryan Adams, The White Stripes and The Traveling Wilburies. Hope all is well and see you on the 28th you big loveable bear!

Probably your best friend,
D Rock
(That’s a nickname I just made up for myself. It’s hip-hop lingo. You just take the first initial of your name and add Rock to the end.)