Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Track 11 "Waiting On The Wheel" - 'One Way' Album Preview

One Way is available now on iTunes. Play "Waiting On The Wheel” and the whole album free at

I was hoping to articulate some of the unintended consequences of growing up in this song. A lot of my songs are about individual relationships or insights into a personal philosophy, but this one concerns a relationship with people in the outside world and certain expectations. It's one of the truest lyrics I've written. Also check out the guitar solo, it sounds that way thanks to our killer ax-man Carl and our drummer Fred, who is constantly forcing us to think outside the box even when it's not his instrument.

Music and Lyrics, String Arrangements by Danny Ross
Written in NYC 2005 (Age 21)
Inspired by: Muse, Coldplay
Produced by Rob Guariglia and Danny Ross
Recorded Spring 2008 at Galuminum Foil Productions;
Engineered by Jeff Berner

Danny Ross – Vocal, Piano
Carl Basler – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Fred Kennedy - Drums
Matt Wigton - Bass
Dave Melton - Rhodes
Leo Adamov - Violin
Rachel Golub - Violin
Corrina Albright -Viola
Jody Redhage - Cello


Waiting on the wheel

Floating in the harbor

The sun is rising high

Though summer’s wasting away

Feeling like a stone

Drinking on a Sunday

I’m filling up my mind with nothing

I found this broken home

Along the open water

My banner waving high

Through all the weather I survived

And I returned in no parade

A sinking anchor, broken chain

Now I’m washed up

In the shore of my own weight

The more that you know

The more that it’s nothing

And where can I find that feeling of home?

Well isn’t it the same?

Yes, I received your postcards

But I cannot relate

Though I can’t throw them away

Cause I don’t know what to say

The wind carried me the right way

I’m right but I am wrong in some way

Cause the more that you know

The more that it’s nothing

The more that you wind up being alone

And all that I’ve shown

Must lead to something

But where can I find that feeling of home?

Waiting on the wheel

Drinking into Monday

This ship will find the current someday

But all that I know

And all that I’ve suffered

Has only arrived at being alone

In all that I’ve shown

I’ve believed in something

But where can I find that feeling of home?

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