Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"One Way" Released Today on iTunes, Pay What You Want??

Hey Folks,

And a dreary autumn day to you too. You may have seen me recently with my eccentric family on television puking after a wild balloon ride in Colorado. You may have also seen a rehearsal film of my last performance of "Thriller" before my untimely death. But you haven't seen this...

Pay What You Want! --Yes, Radiohead did this too... -- It's very important to me that my friends, fans and even awkward acquaintances own the debut LP Danny Ross Presents One Way as 4 years of sweat and soul went into it. So I'm letting you head to the following site, play the whole album for free and Name Your Own Price (Free shirts, EPs, Mix Tapes and Love Notes are also involved):

And also... One Way is released today on iTunes!

So you have 2 viable options 1) Name Your Own Price for the physical album and other free stuff or 2) Download One Way from Steve Jobs directly. It's a better deal than a Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast (if that's even possible). Thanks and fill in the gcal -- we're playing next Sat Nov 14 @ Rockwood Music Hall. Catch you on the flip!

- Danny?

"What Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Danny Ross strives for is truly awe-inspiring...One Way is a compelling, confident and creative masterwork from one of New York City's most promising young talents."
-- Greg Robson, Absolute Punk

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