Thursday, October 29, 2009

Track 12 "Go" - 'One Way' Album Preview

One Way is available now -Hear the album free and Pay What You Want at Or get it on iTunes!

I think"Go" is the hidden gem on the record. It's certainly the most creative use of strings - I found myself listening and studying "Eleanor Rigby" "God Only Knows" and Sufjan Stevens "Jacksonville" among others. I love the Radiohead "No Surprises" guitar sound and Matt Wigton's creative bass line in the last minute of the song. I also love how it transitions into the last song "One Way." Musically, I believe this is my most mature work. Lyrically, I was trying to evoke that overwhelming feeling when facing the enormity and beauty of nature, and the struggle to surrender to the big picture and live each day with such clarity. In fact, a few years later when my grandfather past away I found this song to be helpful, and think of him now when singing it live. Funny how meanings of a song can change as we get older...

Music and Lyrics, String/ Horn Arrangements by Danny Ross
Written in Ithaca, Fall 2005 (Age 21)
Inspired by: Radiohead, Nick Drake
Produced by Rob Guariglia and Danny Ross
Recorded Spring 2008 at Galuminum Foil Productions;
Engineered by Jeff Berner
Except Piano Recorded at Bunker Studios
Engineered by Aaron Nevezie, John Davis

Danny Ross – Vocal, Piano
Carl Basler – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Fred Kennedy - Drums
Matt Wigton - Bass
Dave Melton - Rhodes
Leo Adamov - Violin
Rachel Golub - Violin
Corrina Albright -Viola
Jody Redhage - Cello
Paul Nedzela - Bari Sax
Mike Maher - Trumpet
Evan Smith - Tenor Sax


Lost in thought

The sinking sun extends its glow

Let me go

Holy wind

And oceans singing violins

Will you forgive my sins?

And let me in

Take these words and go

Go home

Make a choice

And hear the timbre of my voice

And oh my God I feel so much

Let me trust

Take these words and go

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