Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Track 07 "This Ancient Bridge" - 'One Way' Album Preview


This tune was an attempt to get to the core of my favorite British rock from the late 90s, early 2000s. Moody, melodic, dark, beautiful, heavy. I even wrote it in London. We tried to make the first part as atmospheric as possible with an array of guitars, synths and strings, and then just rocked the hell out of the second half, which is almost twice the speed. I also took a page from Jeff Buckley playbook and just sang "oo" for the whole section. It took awhile to get the lyrics right - wanted to evoke the proper images, and I like the bridge language -- "I'm suspended but I'm sure to break." One of my 2 or 3 favorites songs on the album...

Music, String Arrangements and Lyrics by Danny Ross
Written in London 2005 (Age 20)
Inspired by: Radiohead, Ryan Adams (Love Is Hell era), Coldplay ("Politik"), Jeff Buckley
Produced by Rob Guariglia and Danny Ross
Piano Recorded at Metrosonic Studios;
Engineered by Harley Fine
All Else Recorded Spring 2008 at Galuminum Foil Productions;
Engineered by Jeff Berner

Danny Ross – Vocal, Piano
Carl Basler – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars
Fred Kennedy - Drums
Matt Wigton - Bass
Dave Melton - Organ, Wurlitzer
Leo Adamov - Violin
Rachel Golub - Violin
Corrina Albright -Viola
Jody Redhage - Cello


That simple kiss

This ancient bridge is falling

From everyone and everything

That olden crystal moon

This piano out of tune it seems is calling

And I’m hopeless for that starting place

So far away

What difference does it make?

When you can’t retrace the path you’ve laid

This morning rain

Those city chains are falling

I’m suspended but I’m sure to break

Cause though I can feel the ground

The surface isn’t sound

It seems I’m falling

Well I’m not looking down again

So far away

What difference does it make?

When all that’s left behind me falls away

There’s nothing left to guide me now but faith

Play "This Ancient Bridge” and the whole album now at the new
One Way will be available October 6, 2009.

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