Friday, November 4, 2011

The Laid Off Tour Finale: Tonight in Washington

Hey folks,

Over the past three weeks, from New York to Boston and now on my way to our nation's capital, I've been listening to people's stories, singing songs like this, and sharing my opinions with Washington's TBD, ASCAP Playback Magazine, Harvard Chronicle, DC Rocks, Cloture Club and more to come.

As it turns out, participating in a dialogue with you about losing my job and our broken system has opened a thousand doors that started with a closed one. And after we wrap up the Laid Off Tour tonight, there's nothing to do but find a new job (I'm not a bum) and keep on keepin on. After five years in the workplace, I understood the struggle to find meaning and humanity in the daily grind, subway rides and long days. To see light in the future while trying to pay rent and live up to the education we're all still paying for. To zoom out and take the long perspective about our short time on this place and what really matters through today's 24-hour culture.

The good news is that every day we can choose to inch our way toward the idealistic vision of ourselves and the world we walk in. We can choose to live without succumbing to an industrial complex that maximizes profit at the cost of our humanity by stressing self-reflection and communal understanding. That's the message I'll be pounding home in Washington tonight with our nine-piece band and horns, and I encourage everyone to do the same moving forward in our own unique way. If you got a sec, would love your help forwarding or posting the show today to friends in Washington...

#Dannyrossandhorns Occupy DC: The Laid Off Tour Finale
Friday November 4, 9pm Sharp
@ IOTA, 2832 Wilson Boulevard - Arlington VA
Orange Line to Clarendon // With BFF Justin Trawick
Facebook Event Page

I've also been nerding out to Ken Burns' Civil War series, hanging at Conan's gay wedding, and stuck in a snowstorm at Salem, MA for Halloween. Thanks again folks for all your support through this ordeal, and as Pete Seeger says, "Take it easy, but take it."

All the best,

Danny Ross
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