Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#Press // Harrison Ford // Saturday Dec 10, 8pm @ Mercury Lounge

Hey folks,

As I roll out of bed at noon, plop on the couch next to Maxwell Silver Hammer and bury my arm in an old box of Cheddar Chex Mix watching season two of Arrested Development, I can't help but contemplate the beauty and terror of complete freedom. I also wonder if there's any spicy hummus left in the fridge.

You should know I've been working soundly, composing new Beatlesque ditties for our indie label debut this Spring. And of course looking for new work since getting sacked by the US House of Representatives after five years. But I think in different ways we're all feeling sacked by the establishment we're inheriting. As Bobby Dylan says "Oh ev’ry foe that ever I faced/ The cause was there before we came/ And ev’ry cause that ever I fought/ I fought it full without regret or shame." The good news is that we're the most educated, innovative, optimistic, peaceful generation to ever emerge on the planet (watch some TED talks), and we sincerely understand humanistic moral values and its role in the marketplace, even if we're too obsessed with 80s culture.

I believe this issue is resonating so deeply because it's utterly non-partisan, and we see how quickly things can actually change - Mubarak in Egypt was overthrown in 18 days. So there's good reason to ignore the nonsense in Washington and the tabloid media, artificially creating divisions within us to increase readership and campaign contributions. None of it is real, but we are. So I marched across the Brooklyn Bridge (check out Image 4), and we had a hugely successful Laid Off Tour across the northeast. Now as a capstone to 2011, I invite you to join the full band and horns for a wild night of solidarity and 60s-influenced R&B, folk and old-school rock n roll...

#Dannyrossandhorns Occupy The Holidays, Live at Mercury Lounge
Saturday December 10, 8pm Sharp (Followed by The Shake)
@ Mercury Lounge, 217 E Houston St at Essex St
Facebook Event Page

*This show will sell out, please get advanced tickets

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, I <3 pecan pie. Take it easy, but take it.

All the best,

Danny Ross
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