Friday, October 21, 2011

NY Daily News / #occupyCMJ Sat 7:30pm @The Living Room

Hey folks,

I honestly wasn't expecting this much free beer, and I kindly accept. You should know that your overwhelming response to my recent job loss for a US Congressman led to these features in the NY Daily News (whose Elizabeth Olsen?), Forbes Magazine and an exclusive interview at So a sincere thanks to you, and please continue the dialogue.
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I got into a great conversation with a friend last night. I can understand and respect a conservative, individualistic position - I worked for my dime, and I'm gonna keep it. I think what's being missed here is that people aren't successful on their own, whether we know it or not. We're nurtured by an infrastructure to rise up the economic ladder - our schools, our community, our government protections. Now, for the first time in our history, those who have benefited at the very, very top refuse to buy back into our collective system and it's cost us our middle class. One great point you've brought up is that even young people in the finance industry aren't immune from the one percent bubble. I'm not for equal distribution, I believe in self-responsibility. Yet what the "American Dream" really means is equal opportunity, and that's what's at stake. We could all use a little perspective.

I believe our faith in government has been lost because we're stripping paltry resources from the disenfranchised and those who need it most while millionaires enjoy tax breaks, deregulation and massive corporate profit on our own backs. Now that's "wasteful spending." You could argue that Obama's actually done very well within the existing framework having passed the most legislation since LBJ, but we gave him a mandate to transform the system itself. Now we'll have to revert to these Great Depression-era baby names.

I agree it doesn't help anyone that Zucatti Park looks like Shakedown Street at a Phish concert. But great movements don't start by focusing on legislative prescriptions. They start by individuals speaking up; policy comes later. So let's speak up loudly about the lack of equal opportunity, affecting us through student loans or starting a business. Let's speak loudly how the walls of access are too high. And let's show vigor through a renewed sense of idealism - our generation at least deserves a crack at it. I try to do so through playing the kid's rock n roll music with their complicated shoes, and I invite you to join us Saturday night at the CMJ Music Festival. And no matter where you stand, please continue the conversation on our FB page.

The DannyRoss Fall 2011 Laid Off Tour

OPENINGNIGHT: #Dannyrossandhorns Occupy CMJ (Official Showcase)
Saturday Oct 22 - 7:30pm Sharp
@ The Living Room, 154 Ludlow St at Stanton - NYC
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#Dannyrossandhorns Occupy Boston
Sunday October 30, 8pm Sharp
@ TT The Bears, 10 Brookline St at Mass Ave - Cambridge, MA
With Sommerville Symphony Orkestar and Dave Crespo's After Party
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#Dannyrossandhorns Occupy DC
Friday November 4, 9pm Sharp
@ IOTA, 2832 Wilson Boulevard - Arlington VA
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But seriously, there's another Olsen twin?

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