Monday, April 26, 2010

The Quick Weekend Roundup 4/26 - Elvis Costello, Living Room Gig, Hey Brooklyn, Weird Plane Incidents, Transformational Life Events

- Friday Night caught the incomparable Elvis Costello with his Bluegrass Band The Sugar Canes playing tracks from his new record with T Bone Burnett. Was amazed at how carefully they arranged some of the older tunes for the bluegrass sound, especially "Everyday I Write The Book." Catch clips from that show at Was my first time at United Palace Theatre uptown and it was gorgeous

- Went to that show with my friend Tony, who had a brilliant idea. He and some friends that took the train to the very top and walked the island of Manhattan down Broadway all the way to Battery City Park over 8 hours, watching the neighborhoods change. And then celebrated by drinking beers on the Staten Island Ferry. Pretty awesome.

- Made some big developments on a music video this weekend. Everything is hush hush for now, but something potentially huge in the works. And dropped my record One Way off at indie store Other Music, where it's now for sale. Oh and I'm featured in the podcast Hey Brooklyn!

- Played a great show at The Living Room Saturday night at 9 with the 6-piece band after our friends Quintus. In fact, they joined us for a cover of The Beatles "And Your Bird Can Sing" Not sure how it happened, but I channeled a Baptist minister at one point. Thanks everyone for being a killin audience! We wrapped up the night at our friend Adam's dance party - it's been awhile since I danced to hip-hop like that. Let's just say I spilled many people's drinks, including my own.

- Some Transformational Life Events occurred: My brother got a new job, Dani's mother got a new job and is moving to California, Dani's brother Ross visited and will likely move to NYC for business school.

- Some Weird Plane Incidents occured: A friend's plane was literally struck by lightning, and my brother's plane had an emergency landing because the stewardess smelled smoke. Something in the air this weekend I guess...

Upcoming this week: Gogol Bordello at Brooklyn Bowl, Daily Show taping, Housewarming Party.

Damn, it's busy! What did YOU do this weekend of note, and what's up this week? I'll try to join you. Let us know!

- D

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