Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Danny by Danny Ross (DXDR) Part 4 of 5: Twenty-Eight Bands Later

Hey folks, this is my 5 part recollection of our trip to the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX from March 16-21. Part 4 deals exclusively with the rad bands I caught while I was down there.

I made a list below of the artists I caught at the festival along with their MySpace links and a brief description of their show if I can remember. With the exception of one or two, all these artists are still very much on the downlow. I was so busy seeing bands that I had some connection with (mostly from NYC) over the 5 days, I never had a chance to see some of the bigger or even medium-sized acts. After all, something like 3,000 bands were playing. Plus those lines were too long anyway.

Here's your chance to hear 'em before they're huge...

o Shwa

A great vocalist and songwriter with good humor (NYC Scenester Friend)

o Midddle Distance Runner

o Wakey! Wakey!

You probably know them from "One Tree Hill" by now, a lyrically engaging piano-led indie act with a great live show. (NYC Scenester Friend)

o Casey Shea

Combines loose-limbed classic rock sound using a dozen guys onstage with unque brand of songwriting. (NYC Scenester Friend)

o Shayna Zaid & The Catch

Really dynamic and engaging singer with interesting instrumentation.

o Christina Courtin

Caught her with a string quartet at a church. Amazing vocalist and beautiful music. Her guitarist/ boyfriend Ryan Scott also played in my Austin group.

o Baby Monster

Electronic Indie Pop based in LA. Danny Sternbaum was the guitar player in my high school band, Broken Sound. We hung for the first time in eight years, I watched him trade in his axe for synths. Great sound.

o Jennings

Mary Jennings is a R&B Tinged Piano pop. (NYC Scenester Friend)

o Emanuel and The Fear

Eccentric and engaging singer with a large band full of interesting orchestral arrangements.Caught him acoustic for this set.

o The Shake

o Deadbeat Darling

o Black Taxi

Think hard rock with hints of pop and eccentric instrumentation. I'll call it Bushwick Rock. Awesome theatrical frontman and live show. They literally blew the fuse of the venue.

o The Defibulators

Old school country, bluegrass music with an updated sound. Catchy tunes, charasmatic singer, gotta love it. Featuring Freddy Epps on drums and Mike Riddleberger on drums, who also played in our Austin band.

o Shotgun Party

Three person bluegrass group with excellent singing and great, funny lyrics. Check out this video:

o The Woes

A huge group with a huge country/ bluegrass/ sometime klezmer sound. Awesome.

o Whqles

Caught these guys in someone's backyard shed. A freak duo on synths and drums, really fun.

o T Bird & The Breaks

Loved these guys - mixed old school hip hop with Stax soul in a new way. Tight as hell, and real catchy. Austin based, they're already pretty huge, I'm assuming they'll blow up further.

o Dinosaur Feathers

o Pearl & The Beard

Brooklyn-based trio with catchy tunes, interesting lyrics and instrumentation.

o Warren Charles

o Spring Standards

Great 3 piece pop group with virtuousic players and engaging live show. Heather Robb sang "Forgive Me Love" with me in Austin.

o Jukebox the Ghost

A breaking Philly/ DC act, we had a chance to open for them in Austin. Excellent piano-oriented pop.

o Speak

o Doublethink

Great hard-rock. They smashed their instruments on stage Who style. Well done.

o Hightide Blues

Southern fried rock.

o Natalie Gelman

Great singer/songwriter, always touring so look out.

o Ionia

Hard hard rock. Featuring Freddy again on bass.

o Pretty Good Dance Moves

Electronic Indie Pop - already blowing up, don't miss em. (NYC Scenester Friend)

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