Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saturday 9pm @ Mercury Lounge // Last Day of Deli Vote (And it's Tight!)

Hey folks,

How are you? Okay, here's the scoop. Last week I told you we were nominated for Deli Magazine's NYC Artist of the Month. You came forward with a record 600 votes, and made a certain someone feel very thankful for the holidays (Mainly this guy). However, with the vote ending at midnight tonight, I discovered our greatest competitor is a Danish Major Label pop star and has her Scandinavian cohorts fighting to the bloody death D2: Mighty Ducks style. If my name isn't Gordon Bombay, for one day only please...

Vote Danny Ross at home/ on your phone/ share on FB: http://nyc.thedelimagazine.com/snacks

And then to celebrate our impending gazillion point victory, the full band and horns will be headlining our biggest show yet, debuting brand new songs Saturday night 9pm at NYC's legendary Mercury Lounge. Nice and early too, so you can still hit your boss's Holiday Party and pretend to have a good time. Thanks again gang, shoot me an email when you vote and catch me up on the haps. And find all the details on our FB Event Page

Danny Ross and Band Headlining Mercury Lounge
Saturday December 4, 9pm Sharp
@ Mercury Lounge, 217 Houston at Essex St. (F Train to 2nd Ave.)
*This show will likely sell out. Please be safe and buy tickets now at our Shmancy Ticketmaster Page

- D

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