Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Danny Ross Returns Bonus in Holiday Spirit, Keeps Custody of Tiger Kids

Hey Folks,

The first thing I will absolutely not do is show you an adorable animal video clip to win your favor... Now that I have your attention, I want to wish you a wicked sick holiday. And I hope that you haven't had to reschedule your winter trip like me due to a "Once in a quarter-century, life threatening storm" hitting the midwest Christmas Eve. What the hell.

And I know you've been meaning to, but while you're busy buying things, please take this moment to play the new album "One Way" absolutely FREE. CMJ says "I hope this album becomes a breakaway hit." So go ahead, take a minute, do it now and Pay What You Want For It at

It's been a wild ride of a year releasing "One Way" four years in the making, playing the St. Mark's Church with an orchestra, and getting written up in The New Yorker. We've already got new catchy rock n roll songs, a music video and big touring plans ready for next year. So thanks for helping us kick serious ass good friends, have the warmest happy holidays and catch you in 2010.


Danny "The Wildcat" Ross

Play the new album "Danny Ross Presents One Way" FREE and Pay What You Want for it at
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