Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bonus Track! "A New Beginning"- 'One Way' Album Preview

One Way is available now -Hear the album free and Pay What You Want at http://dannyrossmusic.com/records.php Or get it on iTunes!

"A New Beginning" is one of 2 songs I've written by starting with the lyrics first. At the time, I was introduced to Elvis Costello's "My Aim Is True" and found myself singing with rhythmical, percussive and hard-edged words with lots of consonants that cut deep. (I've since become a monstrous fan of Elvis' work) I love that style which combines the wordiness with old school rock n roll. So we got a fun horn part together, I banged on the keys in a high register, and had a Motown-ish guitar line happening. The vocal effect even sounds like something out of "My Aim Is True." Lyrically, the story is a cartoonish account of a man trying to win back his woman. This is a fun one.

Music and Lyrics, Horn Arrangements by Danny Ross
Written in London, Spring 2005 (Age 20)
Inspired by: Elvis Costello, The Clash, 50s Rock
Produced by Rob Guariglia and Danny Ross
Recorded Spring 2008 at Galuminum Foil Productions;
Engineered by Jeff Berner
Except Piano Recorded at Metrosonic Studios
Engineered by Harley Fine

Danny Ross – Vocal, Piano
Carl Basler – Guitars
Fred Kennedy - Drums
Matt Wigton - Bass
Paul Nedzela - Bari Sax
Mike Maher - Trumpet
Evan Smith - Tenor Sax


Mama wake up the neighbors

Go on and wake up your dog

Daddy’s back from vacation

I know that you’ve unlocked the doors

Yes, I’ve been unkind

Oh, but I’ve seen the light

For a new beginning

A square of tissue paper followed me through the bedroom

Beneath a warm club soda I’ve been waiting to throw in my face

I put the radio on, cause they were playing our song

And all the voodoo dolls in the closet were singing along

I’ve been losing my keys

Now I’m back in this old town

How come when some girl rejects me

I’m down in this backseat
Retracing the way to your house


Fire up the candles

That delicious scent

Our grip will lose handle

Making love in the closet again

Yes I’ve been unkind

No, I’m not losing my mind

It’s a new beginning

I’ve never stopped singing for you

When I left for that other brunette

You threw that spare set to the ground

And you stomped on the nickel

At last blowing the whistle

But baby, the locksmith’s in town

Cause I’m a sucker for happy endings

And with you it’s never stopped

You once gave me protection

Now I pray that your door isn’t locked

Yes I’ve been unkind

Oh but I’ve seen the light

Yes, I’ve been so unkind

And what if I lost my mind?

It’s still a new beginning

I’ve never stopped singing for you

I’ll never stop singing for you

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