Friday, January 2, 2009

"Piano Songwriters Month with Danny Ross" - Every Monday 8-11pm in January!

Hey all,

Happy 2009 my scholarly friends. Hope you've been reveling in the holiday spirit like I have here in Florida...Going to lunch with Grandma at the Boca Pointe Country Club, getting uneven sunburns on my face, trying to grow an ironic mustache that's too light to be visible. You know, the usual holiday doings.

In any case, we've got a big thing happening this month: a residency! We'll be playing every Monday in January at Googie's Lounge for a series called "Piano Songwriters Month with Danny Ross!" This is an opportunity for me to share the stage once a week with a number of talented songwriters on piano. So please come out this Monday and help to discover a few rock stars...

Monday January 5
@ Googie's Lounge (Upstairs at The Living Room), 154 Ludlow at Stanton Sts
8:00pm Mikey Wax
9:00pm Danny Ross
10:00pm Misty Boyce

Thanks, and don't tell me what you got for Christmas this year if it's not a Super Soaker or Koosh ball. Remember those?
- Danny

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